Meet the Line-up: Angela Sheik

Building her own virtual band on stage, Angela Sheik—the BOSS U.S. National Loop Champion—displays both her technical, instrumental, and vocal talents during each and every performance. Astonishing audiences with songs contrived on the spot, Angela Sheik makes looping music seem like a surprisingly smooth and effortless process. The combination of her talents results in a form of folk-pop music with an electronic flair.

Watch Angela Sheik create her renowned musical loops in her video for “That Other Girl” below:

Meet the Line-up: Charlotte Day Wilson

This Toronto native will amaze you with her beautifully soulful and ever-harmonic voice. Mixing vocals with mellow layered beats, Charlotte Day Wilson constructs a powerful environment, combining characteristics from a range of jazz, folk, hip hop, and electronic music.

Check out this interview with Charlotte Day Wilson at POP Montreal:

Meet the Line-up: Dynasty Electric

This psychedelic electro-pop duo is known for their high-energy performances, featuring the extremely rare usage of a theremin on stage! By blending elements from a variety of genres, including experimental, electronic, and pop music, Dynasty Electric has created a kaleidoscopic auditory experience that radiates throughout the audience.

With the upcoming release of their new album, Euphoria—an “open-source experiment” allowing for the collaboration of artists from around the world, we’re excited to welcome them to the stage for Tinderbox 2013!

Watch their video for “Golden Arrows” feat. Mr. Lif below:

Submissions Update


Our amazing Submissions Committee made up of Beth Stinson, previous Ladyfest organizer, and Jocelyn Cooper of Afro Punk, is almost done figuring out who gets to be part of the Tinderbox 2013 line up! It’s been tough as there were just too many great submissions. If you submitted your music, expect an email from us soon. Read more about Submissions Committee Members Jocelyn and Beth here.

Submissions for Tinderbox 2013 Now Open


It’s that time of year again: the sun is out, the humidity is high, and it’s time for you to share your amazing talent with Tinderbox Music Festival! We are looking for all ladies (or lady-fronted bands) in all genres. So you play in a calypso band that also happens to have a beatboxer and a tapdancer? Sounds cool, no matter the genre don’t be afraid to submit. You can submit through ReverbNation or fill out this form here.

Tinderbox 2013 Details

Thank you all for waiting patiently while we at Tinderbox HQ work hard to keep bringing you the best in talented and awesome ladies! We have some really exciting news to share with you, the first being that Tinderbox Music Festival 2013 will be held on November 1st at the amazing Music Hall of Williamsburg.  And now for the REALLY exciting announcement: our headliner is Deerhoof! describes them as “cuddly and chaotic” and we are so happy to have them on board!

Photo by Richard Saunier

If you are an artist interested in being a part of this year’s festival, please submit through ReverbNation here or if you don’t have a ReverbNation account, use our nifty submission form found here.

Stay tuned for more artist announcements and ticket details!

Tinderbox Music Festival Team Featured in Upcoming Web Series

In April, the Tinderbox team found themselves being followed by a camera crew for a new web series hosted by Jacqueline Emerson (Foxface from The Hunger Games). It was an enlightening and crazy experience for all of us and we are so excited to share the trailer for She’s So Boss with you! She’s So Boss is a series dedicated to sharing the stories of influential young women in all industries with young girls — empowering girls by showing empowered girls! We are so humbled. Watch below and to learn more about She’s So Boss, click here.