Meet the Line-Up: Lady Lamb The Beekeeper

This Maine native, come Brooklyn local, boats quiet the vocals for a young twenty-something year old. Lady Lamb’s sound blends folky guitar riffs with her powerful lyrics, and often sad and angry tones to create both a poetic and sonically dynamic piece of music. Catch her at the Main stage on Friday night!

Watch her video for “The Nothing Part II” below:

Meet the Line-Up: Elizabeth & The Catapult

This Brooklyn-based trio, fronted by songstress Elizabeth Ziman, perfectly blends both powerful, moving, and upbeat rhythms and vocals to form a beautifully mixed folk-pop sound. With a new album set to launch in January 2014, we’re hoping to hear a couple of brand new songs from Elizabeth & The Catapult at this year’s festival!

Watch this video of “Thank You For Nothing” below:

Meet the Line-Up: Awkwafina

Queens native, Awkwafina, has been causing quite the buzz this past year as one of the industry’s emerging female rappers. With the mix of her clever and often comedic lyrics, original beats, and occasionally controversial topics, Awkwafina is one to watch out for in the near future.

Check out her newest video for “Mayor Bloomberg (Giant Margaritas)” below:

Meet the Line-Up: Butter The Children

This female fronted four piece band from Brooklyn will have you head-bobbing along to their pop-punk tunes. Butter The Children blends the best parts of 80s and 90s rock, coupled with their grungy attitude to create a perfect shoegaze sound.

Check out their video for “Spit It Out” below:

Meet the Line-Up: Alyson Greenfield

Founder of the Tinderbox Music Festival, Alyson Greenfield, experiments with various different sounds, thus bridging the gaps of genres ranging from electronic, to orchestral, to even hip-hop. Considering her eclectic music tastes and compositions, you never quite know what you’re going to get! Watching Alyson perform live is an experience not to miss.

Watch Alyson’s cover of “Mama Said Knock You Out” below:

Meet the Line-Up: Half Waif

With the collective efforts of Nandi Rose Plunkett, Thomas Alton Crane, and Greg Chudzik, Half Waif has created a signature dark and experimental, yet poppy sound, that is best described as hauntingly beautiful. Come experience this powerful show for yourself at Tinderbox 2013.

Watch Half Waif’s video for “Wooden Horse” below:

Meet the Line-Up: KASHKA

With the help from Leon Taheny, Kat Burns’ “folkpoptronica” project, KASHKA, has been able to grow and expand throughout the last couple of years. KASHKA’s sound blends electronic-pop beats with folky lyrics and instrumentals, to form a perfect mashup of three unique genres. Join us in welcoming this Toronto local into Williamsburg for Tinderbox 2013!

Check out KASHKA’s brand new video for “Never Had It” below:

Meet the Line-Up: Alice & the Glass Lake

Described as an “Aurora Borealis, if it was sound instead of light,” Alice & the Glass Lake fuses ambient soundscapes with ethereal vocals to produce a dreamy pop-like air. Reminiscent of fairytales and fantasy, this singer provides an escape to the dream world, simply with the sound of her voice.

Watch the video for Alice & the Glass Lake’s song “Higher” below:

Meet the Line-Up: Aisling Peartree

This dynamic singer/songwriter grew up performing gospel music at the young age of 10 and has since transitioned into her own style of R&B. Aisling’s soulful vocals and strong lyrics express freedom and empowerment. After studying political science and African American studies at Columbia University, she hopes that her music can act as a form of social change, namely for women and individuals of all backgrounds.

Watch Aisling Peartree’s video for “Come to Me” below: