Meet the Line-Up: Ajo

This rapping songstress combines powerful jazzy vocals with hard-hitting lyrics to form a strong yet relaxing sound. Unwind and let the calming hum of Ajo’s voice sway alongside you and transport you to a dream-like state.

Watch Ajo’s newly released music video for “Half of Me” below:

Meet the Line-Up: Mad Rapture

This electro-acoustic duo from Pittsburgh combines two unlikely genres—country and electronic/dubstep—to form a distinctive sound of their own. After watching the two of them live, you’ll find yourself singing their catchy lyrics and humming their energetic beats even days after their performance. Ironically, they’ve even written a song named “Tinderbox”—how perfect!

Watch Mad Rapture’s music video for “Tinderbox” below:

Meet the Line-Up: HASINA

Queens native Hasina has created her own take on pop music, infusing her sound with elements of both R&B and alternative rock. Her cheerful music will make you want to get up and dance, as it celebrates the joy and treasured notion of everyday life.

Check out this live performance from HASINA at Unplugged Monday NYC:

Meet the Line-up: Angela Sheik

Building her own virtual band on stage, Angela Sheik—the BOSS U.S. National Loop Champion—displays both her technical, instrumental, and vocal talents during each and every performance. Astonishing audiences with songs contrived on the spot, Angela Sheik makes looping music seem like a surprisingly smooth and effortless process. The combination of her talents results in a form of folk-pop music with an electronic flair.

Watch Angela Sheik create her renowned musical loops in her video for “That Other Girl” below:

Meet the Line-up: Charlotte Day Wilson

This Toronto native will amaze you with her beautifully soulful and ever-harmonic voice. Mixing vocals with mellow layered beats, Charlotte Day Wilson constructs a powerful environment, combining characteristics from a range of jazz, folk, hip hop, and electronic music.

Check out this interview with Charlotte Day Wilson at POP Montreal:

Meet the Line-up: Dynasty Electric

This psychedelic electro-pop duo is known for their high-energy performances, featuring the extremely rare usage of a theremin on stage! By blending elements from a variety of genres, including experimental, electronic, and pop music, Dynasty Electric has created a kaleidoscopic auditory experience that radiates throughout the audience.

With the upcoming release of their new album, Euphoria—an “open-source experiment” allowing for the collaboration of artists from around the world, we’re excited to welcome them to the stage for Tinderbox 2013!

Watch their video for “Golden Arrows” feat. Mr. Lif below:

Submissions Update


Our amazing Submissions Committee made up of Beth Stinson, previous Ladyfest organizer, and Jocelyn Cooper of Afro Punk, is almost done figuring out who gets to be part of the Tinderbox 2013 line up! It’s been tough as there were just too many great submissions. If you submitted your music, expect an email from us soon. Read more about Submissions Committee Members Jocelyn and Beth here.